Group Boards Tips + Strategies

What are Pinterest group boards?

A Pinterest group board is just like a regular board, except the owner of the board can invite collaborators to pin to their board.

Group boards increase website traffic.

Group boards can be an awesome way to exponentially increase your Pinterest reach because your pins have the potential to be seen by an entirely new audience - the followers and collaborators of the group board.

These boards can be a game-changer for your website - doubling or tripling your traffic in a matter of weeks.

Use group boards strategically.

The secret to success with Pinterest group boards, is finding and joining quality group boards within your niche. Your strategy should include pinning your pins to relevant, niche-specific group boards, rather than group boards that accept pins from a variety of niches.

In fact, Pinterest recommends that you avoid large group boards filled with pins from an assortment of different niches. These types of boards can detract from the user experience and may be penalized by Pinterest.

Keep Pinterest happy - join and pin to group boards that are relevant to your specific niche.

Search for group boards with PinSprout.

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