How to Use Communities

1. Engage with members.
Use Communities as a new opportunity to share tips, offer feedback, and chat up ideas with people who share your interests. Build genuine, trusting relationships with like-minded Pinterest users!

2. Avoid spamming.
While Communities can be a great place to promote your brand + website, don’t overdo it. Constant self-promotion will likely get you kicked out of a community.

Consider following the 10:1 rule. Post 10 “organic” interactions (this might be a comment, a post with a question or discussion starter, a photo post, or a post from another domain) to 1 “self promotional” post (a post linking to your blog).

3. Create your own!
Build your own Community to further brand your blog or business! Invite your audience to join in and become an active contributor in your community, making it an awesome place for everyone to share interests + ideas, promote their knowledge and services, and foster valuable discussion.

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